Certified Arborists

img_arborist Certified Arborists  We have a team of ISA Certified Arborists in Georgetown, Tx on hand to help diagnose any problems with your trees as this is the first step to solving the issue. All of our staff keep up to date on anything that can affect the trees in the area such as pests, fungus and diseases. We will always visit your home or property, take a look at your trees and create a plan of action to keep your trees healthy (or restore their health) that you are comfortable with.

Just some of the services our certified arborists provide that can help your tree regain its health include tree spraying, treatment and fertilization.

Tree Diagnosis by Our Arborists

When it is time to diagnose your trees, one of our certified arborists will do the job. Our goal is to help ensure that your trees get healthy once again and then stay healthy. We are experts at not only diagnosing the problem, but solving it as well.

Sick Tree Symptoms

Our arborists will look for signs of sickness in your trees. Some of the most common ones include galls, yellowing, wilting, poor or slow growth, stem dieback, cankers, blotches on the leaves or spotty leaves.

Tree Stress

The largest problem that we see is when a tree is generally infectious to the other trees in an area. A disease or injury to a tree can be abiotic or biotic. Abiotic stresses are caused by the environment and include issues related to nutrients, temperature, water or air. Biotic Stresses are other factors such as fungus, viruses, bacteria and insects.

The most common issues that can lead to tree stress include:

  • When a tree is under watered or over watered
  • When there is an issue with the fertilizer
  • When construction leads to root damage

Anytime that you are going to start a construction project you should contact a certified arborist. You will notice that simply having one on hand and getting their input before the construction begins can ensure that most of your trees survive the construction process.

When doing construction, you should also do your best to avoid causing mechanical injuries to the trees. Any heavy equipment such as bulldozers can damage the tree bark or roots, so it is important to consult an arborist and do your best to avoid the trees when working.


You should always pay attention to the soil grade as there are several options available. Keep in mind that microbes sit on top of your soil and there are ways to influence their numbers as well. In terms of soil compaction, you should always make sure that the soil is not too solid. If this happens, it can damage or kills some of the roots.