Hedge Trimming

img_hedge-trimming Hedge Trimming  We can trim every type of hedges, small, large, squared, rounded, pillars, topiaries, globes, etc.

Hedges need to be trimmed properly, if they are they can add money to your house and your property. They can also help be a barrier for wind and sound and can give you that privacy that you need and want. We offer all kinds of great services for this and here to help you get those hedges pruned to look great.

Regular pruning and hedge trimming your hedge or shrubs will healthy, looking nice, and keep them in control.

There are two types of hedge trimming:

  • Regular Hedge Trimming – This is done more for maintenance and to keep your shrubs healthy and looking great.   You want to have this so that they don’t get too big or too unmanageable.
  • Formal Hedge Trimming – This is done often and is done to give these a shape.   You want to do this if you are having things like Eugenia, boxwoods, and privets. This will help you keep a shape that you want with these.

Tip: Be sure that you are always trimming your hedges in the late winter or early spring, that way they are quicker to recover.