Stump Grinding

img_stump-grinding Stump Grinding  You need to use stump grinding and stump removal to help you get rid of tree stumps after you have to cut them down. This is something that works well and will get the job done. There is a disc that will go over the tree stump and that will get rid of it by slowly grinding it down. We are here to help you get rid of these stumps with this service.

Benefits to Stump Grinding:

  • There is no hole to fill in with topsoil.
  • There are no roots that you have to drag away.
  • You can easily put in your new landscaping.

Why use stump grinding?

You will find that with stump grinding, you are getting to use natural products to get rid of these. This is so much easier than trying to pull them out or dig them out, that is a waste of time and too much energy.

  • We use an articulating grinder that will help you get to those hard to reach places so that you can get rid of them.
  • We grind them 6-8 inches below the ground so that you will never see them.
  • We grind the root system down as well, which makes it even better for you.