Tree Removal

img_tree-removal Tree Removal  Tree removal in Georgetown, Tx and surrounding areas. Experienced tree removal specialists who are insured and skilled in dangerous removals. One thing that is a part of tree care is going to be tree removal, this is something that does have to happen.   While we try to do everything that we can so that we can keep your trees alive, there are events where one has to be taken down and it happens.   The key is you want to understand that if trees are no longer safe that we are doing everything in our power to get them taken down safely, and that is where we come in as professionals.   We’ll help you figure out what you need to do with your tree, it isn’t hard and we are here to help you make those decisions so that you know what you need and what you want to do.

We are happy to always give you an opinion as to if we believe that tree needs to be removed or not.

Understanding Why A Tree Needs to be Removed

Do you see mushrooms or conks on the tree?   Mushrooms will be near the root system and conks are on the trunk.

Is the canopy of the tree more than half dead?

Is the interior or the heartwood of the tree decayed or hollowing?

Is their dieback on the tips of the branches or the top portion of canopy?

Is your tree leaning?

Reasons to Remove a Tree

The tree is disfigured from limbs that have broken off.

Oak trees have oak wilt and need to be removed so that it doesn’t spread.

Trees are overcrowded on your property.

Trees are causing foundation problems in your home.

Trees are actually dying or dead and are going to be a threat to people.

Tree does not allow you to grow your lawn properly.

You are adding a pool or a new project and the tree can’t be there.