Tree Sales

img_tree-sales Tree Sales  When you are looking for trees for sales in Georgetown or Central, TX, you want to find only the highest quality species of trees out there. The good news is, we keep wholesale accounts at a lot of tree farms in the area and throughout Georgetown area, by doing this ,we have the ability to choose the best ones out there.   We always examine the trees at these farms so that we know we are only getting the best out there. We are looking for the best trees when we come to help you with your tree planting and installation.

How to Water Your Trees and How Often

When watering your trees, there are a few things that you need to make sure that you are taking into consideration.   First, make sure that you follow the guidelines that are out there, we have provided them for you so that you get just what you need.   If there are changes that need to be made, call us and talk to us first and out experts will tell you what you need to know and help you out the best that they can. Our staff is here to help you out and make your life easy.

When your tree is installed a member of our staff will water the tree and will also completely soak the root ball so that there are no air pockets in the soil that you are putting it in. The day after the tree is planted, you want to water it again and you need to do that specifically with the slow trickle method.   This means that you are going to take a hose to the tree and you are going to allow that to water the plant for 45 minutes.   You are not going to use the hose for it, that is something that you don’t want to do. Make sure that every time that you water your tree you use this method, this is the best way and is really going to help you out.   By using this watering technique, you will have trees that get what they need and you are also going to get trees that don’t have to deal with the droughts as poorly as the other trees that may not have been watered in this method. Not watering properly is the best way to kill a tree off in the first year.

Our Tree Watering Guidelines

B&B Trees (Balled and Burlapped) Trees

Below 40 degrees Only water these trees before a hard freeze. Watch for that warning.

40-65 degrees Watering once every other week.

65-85 degrees Watering once every 30 days.

85-100+ degrees Watering every three days.

Trees That are Container Grown

Below 40 degrees Watering once every 30 days.

40-65 degrees Watering every 11-14 days.

65-86 degrees watering every 6th day.

85-100+ degrees Watering every third day.

These guidelines can be changed, but they should be followed religiously for 12 months assuming that you are getting normal rainfall. After the first 12 months, you can add between 4-7 days to the schedule.   Be sure that you know the warning signs of a tree that is being over-watered or that is being under watered, that will make a huge difference and is the reason why trees do not make it.