Tree Trimming

img_tree-trimming Tree Trimming  When it comes to tree trimming and pruning in Georgetown, TX, we offer a variety of services for residential areas. Our standard services involve us removing any dead wood that can be found on the tree. We will also elevate the tree’s canopy if you wish. This is great as it can help you meet city guidelines, avoid having the tree come into contact with your roof and prevent you from hitting your head on the tree while mowing. We can also selectively thin the inside of the sprout, correct previous breaks or stubbed limbs and eliminate crossover limbs. While working, we carefully follow the standards for tree trimming and pruning practices that are outlined in (ANSI) A300 as we understand that if the tree isn’t properly trimmed, it can decrease its lifespan.

Ball Moss Removal

Although ball moss (which is an epiphyte) will not harm your tree, many people prefer to have it removed as it is unsightly. Because of this, it is normal part of trimming and pruning trees. Roof Clearance For a minimum cost, you can protect your roof by having us raise the area of the tree over the roof. By eliminating branches from this area, the limbs are much less likely to touch your home, preventing future damage.

Cleaning Out The Crown

One of the most common procedures for tree trimming is to clean out the crown. To do this, we will prune any dead or dying limbs as well as weak attached sprouts or limbs or limbs which intersect or cross.

Elevating The Crown

This type of tree pruning will increase the height of the lower portions of the tree. This can give you room to walk or drive under, making clearance for your driveway or walkway or even just your home.

Reducing The Crown We prefer not to do this type of tree trimming but in some cases it may be necessary in order to prevent removing the tree. When we do this, we will prune back the tree’s leaders that go to lateral branches and by doing so, reduce its width or height. As mentioned, this is only done when necessary, such as to prevent running into power lines.

Vista Pruning

This is a type of trimming that we provide if you want your home or business to be more visible.

Tree Cabling

We do this procedure when the tree has limbs that are growing at inconvenient angles or the limbs have split and it can help increase the tree’s structural strength. Cables can also help restrict the tree’s movement as well as remove weight from the portion that is splitting.

Cuts To Be Made During Tree Trimming

    During the process of tree pruning, we will only make certain types of cuts as all others are unnecessary:

  • Removing decayed or dead branches which could cause a hazard
  • Trimming limbs that are diseased or infested with insects
  • Trimming branches or limbs that were damaged by storms and high winds
  • Removing crossover limbs (these rub each other and intersect, increasing the tree’s risk of airborne pathogens)
  • Pruning branches which touch buildings, your home or wires
  • Remove sprouts (this thins the tree and allows air and light to pass through, allowing your grass to grow)
  • Training shapes and structures of trees
  • Pruning limbs to reduce their weight and prevent future breakage